Photo-Gallery - Bonita Springs - Object 001

- Front-side panorama view (Obj001)- Access road to vacation home (Obj001)- spacious Garage- wonderful flower gardens in front of the home (Obj001)- generous swimming pool area with spa bath (Jacuzzi) and sun lounger- comfortable patio at swimming pool (Obj001)- ... with direct access from living room and main guest room (Obj001)- new, modern TV rack in living room (Obj001)- TV rack in living room (Obj001)- with coconut palm trees and hedges ensuring your privacy (Obj001)- showing pool and grill area (Obj001)- pool area and grill area (left side) (Obj001)- with cha-grilled (Obj001)- with cha-grilled (Obj001)- with generous garden area (Obj001)- small flower garden (Obj001)- with trash area on right side (Obj001)- in the garden (Obj001)- at the front side (Obj001)- at the front side (Obj001)- at the front side (Obj001)- (Obj001)